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Armed with a stack of half-cut index cards, two mechanical pencils, and an open mind, I tour new worlds. Through reading and my studies, I've journeyed across vast expanses and breathtaking sights, vibrant cities and quiet towns.

Hi, I'm Claire, and I explore.

Be it through an engaging class, a good read, or another endeavor on my growing list of projects, I explore often, gaining new knowledge as I go. 

My travels, both in reading and reality, shape who I am today. Growing up a military kid, moving schools and changing communities exposed me to different people and perspectives. Unique experiences are one reason I enjoy delving into projects so much; I can always venture through new material and obtain new knowledge.

Now, as a junior in high school, I actively participate in cross country, track, chorus, Model UN, musical production team, and debate, and retain interests in reading and writing, biology, international relations, current events, video editing and design-- and I love it. 

All in all? I adore learning.

I want to share my explorations with you.

In eighth grade, I launched my first website to review young adult books. 

Today, clairefy offers critical book reviews along with studying insight, my many projects and pursuits, and everything I learn along the way. Let's find that next favorite book, tackle that next great assignment, or gain a new perspective. 

Let's explore.
I also write for MissHeard Media and Best Delegate.


  1. Hi Claire! Nice to know you! I'm surprised by the fact that you're so young, and by the way i'm 10th grader and turning 15 this year, so i'm sure that our age gap isn't too far right? :)

    I love your blog and i think your taste in books somehow same with me. So, perhaps i'll visit your blog again for my books' references ^^

    1. Haha, we're not that far apart! Thanks Natrila, I look forward to it:)

  2. Hey :) I'm also surprised by your age. I had to double check just to be sure :p
    Anyway, you got an amazing blog. Keep up the good work~

  3. Hey there Claire! You have an amazing blog here! I'd love to follow your blog! Where can I find the little widget thing to do that?

    1. Hi Daisy! You can follow my blog via Bloglovin', Twitter, RSS, and Goodreads. The icons are located under the "Keep in Touch" segment on my right sidebar and also on this page under my 'about me'.

  4. Hi, Claire! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    I was just having a look at your blog and I love it! The banner for your blog is so pretty. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

  5. Hiya! Clare! I'm Alicia, I just found your blog and I have fallen in love! I love it so much! I hope we can become blogging friends! I can't wait to have a look at more posts around your blog!

  6. Hi Claire!

    Might I just say I love your blog! It's so simple and beautiful. I love the content and it really speaks volumes about your personality, :) <3

  7. Claire! I absolutely adore your blog. Your page layout is so nice and the pictures so aesthetically pleasing and bright! I wish I could taking pictures like you. *sigh*