5 Reasons to Read The Nowhere Girls


"Silence does not mean yes. No can be thought and felt but never said. It can be screamed silently on the inside."

Girls. We are growing up in a time in which sexism still pervades; a time in which girls regularly face catcalling, slurs, intimidation, threats, and assault; in which even our leaders remain respected despite sexual misconduct and vocalized approval of sexual assault.

50 Books I Want to Read Before 2019


Mid-year, July offers a turning point for many. For students, the month represents the middle of summer, a couple weeks closer to another school year. For those in the workforce, July can promise a vacation or time to reflect. And for us bookworms? July is a time to evaluate reading progress for the year so far and set some goals for the remaining months ahead.

Hello, Summer (I'm Back!)


a picture of my sister I took this summer
Nighttime has already arrived, but the remnants of a blazing summer sun leave the air warm. With my sister and two friends, I excitedly watch a small box emit miniature fireworks displays. The colorful light illuminates our faces, and for just one second, I savor this moment-- relaxed, fun, free.

Within and Without: March, April, & a Sprinkle of May


I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life. 
- f. scott fitzgerald, the great gatsby
I have been meaning to post a recap of my March and April for the longest time now. I wrote "draft post" in my agenda for days, until migrating tasks over slowly became disappearing under the stacks of exams and study guides. It's nearly the end of May. While I look towards the summer, I still wanted to upload my bimonthly (well, now almost trimonthly) recap, even if belated, to review and reflect, and share some updates about what I've been doing during my latest online hiatus.

Marching for Our Lives


It is 10:00 on a Wednesday morning. I am scheduled to be in French class. Instead, some of my peers and I fill the hallways. We head to the courtyard. Our footsteps pound. No students speak.

Pursuing, Busy, and Tired: a Recap of January + February


“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

 In these past two months, I'm not entirely sure if I was the pursuing, the busy, or the tired; after seemingly unending days of juggling class, homework, Model UN, musical production team, chorus concerts, SAT prep, debate competition, and writing for my blog and other publications, I am, without a doubt, exhausted. I don't know if I've ever been so tired, but the arrival of March (what, it's March already?) promises relief at its end.