Hello, Summer (I'm Back!)


a picture of my sister I took this summer
Nighttime has already arrived, but the remnants of a blazing summer sun leave the air warm. With my sister and two friends, I excitedly watch a small box emit miniature fireworks displays. The colorful light illuminates our faces, and for just one second, I savor this moment-- relaxed, fun, free.

Later that evening, criss-crossed next to a whiteboard covered with college names and application obligations, we pore over calendars and schedules, trying to reconcile the seemingly fleeting days of remaining summer with the overwhelming amount of work to do and the memories we have forged thus far. 

This has been my summer so far: demanding; enjoyable at times; tiring at others; and sometimes a bit of both.

During the last week of the school year, I established some summer goals:
  • Get refreshed for senior year
  • Train as necessary to prepare for a final cross country season
  • Write essays for college applications (for those prompts made available over break)
  • Work on summer assignments and articles gradually to ensure effective completion
  • Read
  • Return to my blog, clairefy
  • Journal
  • Play piano
  • Spend time with friends
  • Do things that make me happy
Thus far, I have met these resolutions with mixed success. Still, my summer feels as though it's been packed:
  • On the first two days, I took two math placement tests to secure my classes for next year
  • I attended West Point's Summer Leadership Experience (post to come!)
  • The week after, I woke up at 6am everyday in an effort to be productive and exercise more...quite tiring after West Point's 4:30-45am wake-ups
  • And the week after that, I attended my state's Girls' State program (another post to come!)
  • I started summer homework and determining which colleges I want to apply to
I genuinely believe that I have benefited from each of these often rigorous experiences. With around half of summer left before another challenging school year, though, I want to dedicate some time to things that would help me fulfill the summer I dreamt of in the waning days of the school year. (I also want to get my sleep schedule back on track!)

And that means more time to my passion projects, especially clairefy. I've had a book review sitting as a draft for months; my notebook is bursting with notes on books I've read this year and post ideas. 

So looking forward, what's to expect from my blog? Lots of books, and lists, likely, but also thoughts on the challenges I tackle in my senior year.

I hope you'll join me as I strive to clairefy my path.


  1. OMG your notes + fairy lights is so aesthetic but I also understand the pain of studying sometimes </3 Definitely start college apps in the summer! Once everything hits in the school year, it's tough to find the motivation to keep going--especially when senioritis hits. I hope you really enjoy this summer though because it's such an amazing time and senior year is super fun :)

    1. Aww thank you! I have a lot of summer homework on my plate, but I am hoping to get a sizable chunk of college application things done, especially essays for the prompts that have been released. Hopefully my motivation can endure for another year :)

  2. Eeep so much has been going on for you, Claire! Good luck with college applications--those things are insane. They drove me mad--mad I say! D: Anyway, I'm sure you'll do awesome. Can't wait for more of your content again. ^_^

    - Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. Thanks Aimee! Things have been busy but I'm so happy to get back into blogging again!

  3. Awwww, Claire, you've been up to so many exciting things! I'm glad you and your posts are back. Hopefully, I am, too (for like the millionth time). If you have any questions about colleges or the application project, message me! I went through all of that last year and I know all of it inside out. Getting into William and Mary was no joke. Also, West Point is beautiful and that sounds like a fantastic program. I can't wait to read all your upcoming posts.

    1. Thanks Erin! I really appreciate that offer and I will certainly take you up on your offer :) It's so beneficial to hear about college application experiences from those who have made it!