Marching for Our Lives


It is 10:00 on a Wednesday morning. I am scheduled to be in French class. Instead, some of my peers and I fill the hallways. We head to the courtyard. Our footsteps pound. No students speak.

Together, we walk out of class to recognize the students and faculty killed by gun violence in schools.

Together, we march to advocate solutions against this American issue.

Together, we march to honor fellow students and faculty, and to demand action.

Together, we march for our lives.

It is cold. My legs shake and my fingers feel frozen, from the harsh wind or nervous anticipation, I'm not sure. My face is numb, I am sure of that. But, looking around at faces, familiar and unfamiliar, students and staff gathered to take a stand, I am also sure of my pride in our school community. Most of all, I am proud of my peers for using their voices.

It is 7:00 on a Saturday morning. I wish I could sleep longer, but my mind is restless. Through social media, I watch some of my peers head to Washington DC for the rally. Later, my mom, best friend, and I head to Harrisburg for a sister march. My friend and I color a sign in the car.

It is almost 12:00. We walk to the steps of the capitol building. I run into a girl from another high school I met at a Model UN conference. I admire signs. Again, I am amazed to see a community, but especially my fellow students, come together to fight for a safer country.

Some teens, teachers, and churchgoers speak about the necessity of reform. A mayor tells stories from his community. A student poet shares two original works. Two eighth grade girls lead chants.

Together, we identify the issue, gun violence, and demand solutions.

Together, we stand in solidarity with the victims of gun violence and the brave advocates who still fight.

Together, we say, "we need change now".

Together, we become advocates.

Together, we remind our representatives of who they represent.

Together, we march, around the block, up the stairs of the capital building, signs in hand and voices loud.

Together, we march for our lives.


  1. I applaud you for taking part in your local march. I went to ours too, and I was especially proud of all the students there.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Good for you for attending your local march, Claire! Teens are our future, I know they will be the ones to make a change.

  3. I admire you taking your stance with the march. Cheers Claire.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes