Reading Shapes Life: Guest Post by Jillian @ Jillian's Books


For book lovers around the world, reading continues to shape our experiences. In both early decisions and those made later in life, the perspectives we gain through favorite books can dictate our paths. In this wonderful guest post, one of my closest blog friends, Jillian, explains how reading has affected her experiences as a student in the Philippines.

I've always loved to write. Before I began to write, I loved to read, too. When I was 7, I was convinced that I would be an author someday; I collected notebooks and sketchpads, and I would often use them as mediums to write my fictional stories in.

Although my interest in becoming an author has recently shifted to an interest in law and order (I'll admit, it's strange of me, too), I knew for a fact that my love for literature was utterly distinct back in my childhood days, and it never appeared as a doubt that it would go as otherwise. Reading and writing have always been special to me, even to this day.

Recently, I entered the 11th grade, where I was introduced to so much new things! Right now, it's my first year of senior high school in the Philippines, wherein I undergo a simplified college curriculum in my studies for 11th and 12th grade, before I graduate from high school. I spent my entire 9th and 10th grade preparing for senior high because that would mean I would have to specialize in an academic track for 2 years, which would be vital for when I actually enter college.

It sounds overwhelming, and I am only 15. But I knew that I really loved reading, writing, and book blogging, so it wasn't that hard to know what I actually wanted for myself.

Because of my love for reading, I chose to specialize in an academic track for both 11th and 12th grade, which was Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS). I am glad to say that I don't regret having pursued this track and, possibly, a college course on the humanities! My love for reading and writing grew even more through what I learned, and it was truly pleasing to not only learn about literature, but also be surrounded by other bookworms and potential writers in my class.

My subjects in school include 3 different English classes so far -- namely, English for Academic & Professional Purposes, Reading & Writing Skills, and Communication & Research in Language and Culture, which is a subject done only in the Filipino language, our local dialect. I also take up Political Science, as well as Sociology, which require a lot of reading and comprehension in my part. Frankly, the amount of reading and writing that I do in school has now doubled even more, now that I am in senior high.

You'd think that it's a huge burden to be able to handle so much of these, and I do admit that. But I really love to read and write, and it has always been my passion since childhood. To put, I really enjoy my classes so much. Right now, I aspire to be a lawyer, a profession that requires formal writing and research. I feel incredibly happy that I am exposed to a small glimpse of this profession and an even bigger glimpse at the beauty of literature.

My passion to read and write was what truly encouraged me to pursue this academic track. I really love books and writing, thus further fueling my interest in the subjects I am taking for the semester. 

It can seem pretty overwhelming, especially because I have 3 English classes -- not to mention an additional Literature subject I have for the next semester. But I am a huge bookworm, and I can't be any happier that I am put into a class of readers and writers, taking up subjects that I have so much love for.

In all honesty, my passion is what keeps me going. I have dreams and aspirations for the future, and I see that literature is involved in many of them. With this in mind, I feel motivated to do my best in all endeavors. I anticipate days filled with extensive research and heaps of schoolwork related to reading and writing; however, I know that this is what I love and what I want to do. It was, in fact, my own personal choice to specialize in something that I knew was jam-packed with lots of words and comprehension. Reading pushed me to do this, and I could only say that I'll do my best in something I am really passionate about because I know for sure that I’ll be able to do so much more with the hobbies that encouraged me to do this, which are, frankly, to read and write.

Huge thanks to Claire for inviting me over at Cover to Cover to publish a post as a guest blogger! It really means a lot.

Jillian currently co-blogs at Chasing Faerytales and writes for her own blog, Jillian's Books. She can be contacted via Twitter here


  1. I loved reading this post! It's so nice that books are also involved in your passion and your dreams to the future.
    I don't really relate, though. Everytime I think about academic stuff, I feel like I'm always leaning towards Maths, much more than Humanities or Literature.
    But I think reading changed the way I see things. I became much more opened to other cultures and lifestyles thanks to books and I also learn a lot everytime I read.
    That was a very, very great post, Jillian! I hope you can write more guest posts for Covre to Cover in the future!

  2. I'm so glad to know that you've find out your career! I belong to a family where I'm supposed to study what you parents want so I guess I can't pursue my dream of studying English literature and psychology ever! Really Really loved the post Jillian!Reading really opens up your eyes and you learn so many things! :) <3